Great Ways to Prepare your Home to Sell

August 9, 2022

So you are thinking about selling… Now What???

So you think you want to sell your home! It’s hard to know where to start. When you begin to look around your home, there are always tons of things you may think you want to do before selling. But I promise you that not all of them are important!

You only really need to focus on a few things. Here is a great list of 10 easy ways to prepare your home for Sale.

Clean up your Yard:

First impressions are so important. Make sure that you mow your lawn, weed those flower beds, and put a wreath on the front door!

Exterior of the home:

The outside is just as important as the inside when it comes to first impressions. Hose down the house, clean out the gutters, and even pressure wash your siding. Make sure the driveway is cleaned off too.

Fix MAJOR defects:

Not all the things in your home need to be fixed. However if there are big things that need attention, it is better to get those addressed before you put your house on the market! Things like leaky roofs, or sinks, and water under the house need to be fixed before you list your home. It’s also nice to fix those things you have been putting off, like squeaky doors and cupboards, or broken windows.

Get rid of that CLUTTER

No one likes to walk into a home filled with clutter. But we often do that in our own homes because we actually stop seeing all of the things around us. It’s true! We become blind to all the things that are always there. So take a look at your home with fresh eyes. Maybe even ask a friend to come over and point out things you really don’t need. Pack up things you want to save, and donate the rest. Challenge yourself to get as many things out of your house as possible! This will make a big difference on the appearance (and showing) of your home.

Doors and Knobs

One easy (and relatively inexpensive) upgrade for any home is installing new doorknobs and handles. This makes a big difference in the appearance of a home. Make sure you get all matching handles and knobs. And don’t forget to make sure there is no creaking when you open and close doors.

Soft and Warm

The “Feel” of your home is so important when you are selling your house. Make it feel warm and cozy by adding rugs and pillows. Experiment with different textures and colors. This is a great way to make your home inviting.

Paint Party

If you want to make your house look fresh and clean, there is no better way then a fresh coat of paint. It takes time to paint, but it relatively inexpensive, and so helpful in showing your home. Make sure to choose neutral colors. Don’t go BOLD when you are going to sell. The colors you like may be completely different than the potential buyers coming through your home. Make them soft, light, and classic.

Set the Table

If you have fancy dishes and silverware, it’s sometimes fun to set the table before a showing! People feel the warmth of “family” when they see a set table. It gives them vision of what it would be like to have their family around a table in that space. It is a very inviting gesture!

And last, but not least….

Make your home SMELL YUMMY!

Whatever you do, DON’T cook strong smelling dishes any time while your home is on the market. And DO put on a diffuser with great smelling essential oils. Essential oils can be wonderful when it comes to having buyers feel at home. The best oils to diffuse during showings are citrus oils (orange, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit, etc.).

I hope this was helpful! There are so many things that can help get your home “sale ready” that are easy and inexpensive to do. I would love to help get you on your way!

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